Why do we learn Quran? !!

Why do we Learn Quran benefits of learning quran

Why do we learn Quran? !!

Why do we learn Quran? !! Praise be to Allah, who has bestowed upon us Islam and guided us to the characteristics of His religion, which is not confusing and made us the best nation brought out to people and prayed to God and bless the Mercy mercy, and the grace of Muhammad bin Abdullah peace be upon him and his family and handed him much more recognition to the day we receive.

We have the grace of the Qur’an on us with the grace of the Qur’an, which is a blessing. It is the rope of a strong God. He who is said to be truthful, and who is judged by justice, is the chapter, not the hymn. It does not create a lot of repetition, and the scholars are not satisfied with it. The reader and all the Muslims of his family who is the people of God and his own.

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My Muslim brother and my Muslim sister Have you ever asked yourself why we keep the Quran and keep it for our generations? Why all these efforts to save it? Why care about this growing jealous of the future of the nation and its present? The answer to this is long, but take some answer and draw on the rest, and tighten your hands as you know it is beneficial to you, God willing:

Why do we Learn Quran?

1 – that the conservation of the Prophet peace is upon him, it was preserved and perpetuate his reading and presented to Gabriel every year in the year, and in the year in which he died twice, and peace be upon him read his companions may Allah be pleased with them and hear them.

2 – that in the conservation of Tasia ancestor and go to their seriousness, they were beginning to memorize the Koran and study before all other sciences. Imam Ibn Abdul-Barr said: The request for knowledge is degrees, movables, and grades, which should not be violated, and the one who transgresses them in a way that has gone beyond the path of the salaf (may Allaah have mercy on them). The first is to memorize and understand the book of Allaah. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: “It is called a people’s knowledge, which is either invalid or useless, and it is also presented in the right of those who want to learn the religion of the assets and branches, the project is right in such times in these times to start memorizing the Koran is the origin of science-religion.”

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3 – The preservation of the Koran characteristics of this nation: Ibn al-Jazri: “The reliance in the transfer of the Koran on the preservation of hearts and chests, and this is a special privilege of God to this nation, and still memorizing the Koran as a slogan for this nation and a fork in the throat of its enemies,” says Orientalists: The Quran is the most readable book in the world and it is certainly the safest one to memorize. Another says: Today, despite the decline of faith, we find thousands of people who can speak it by heart, and in Egypt alone, there are more than a few who can read the Gospels by heart in all of Europe.


4 – that the conservation of the facilitator for all people, how he saw the people of limited perception and weak conservation who managed to memorize the Koran, but the conservation of the Ajaj who do not know the Arabic and save the elderly, and this miracle of the Koran. Al-Mawardi said: “The sixteenth aspect of its miraculousness is that it is accessible to all tongues until it is memorized by the dumb Ajami, and it has a traditional Coptic tongue. It does not memorize other books as memorizing it, and the tongues of the dumb do not follow it.” Al-Qurtubi said: Mkkr [moon: 15], which is easy for conservation and we helped him who wanted to save him, is there a student to save Vayan it. This strengthens the determination and above the desire to save the book of God.


5 – The preservation of the Koran project does not know failure, when he wants to save him and then ends his determination and weaken his activity has been saved some of its parts? Is this project considered a failure? This effort did not go in vain, but he did not memorize anything. The time he spent in reciting, memorizing, and reviewing the time he spent in obedience to Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, and how many verses and recitations followed.


6 – The Hafiz of the Holy Quran deserves recognition and praise: On the authority of Abu Musa: ((The honor of God honor the Muslim Shiba, and the holder of the Koran is not expensive and unfair to him, and honor of the Sultan Sultan) Abu Dawood.

It is the right of those who have received the word of Allah in his chest to honor and praise, and the Quran kept the first people in the imamate in prayer, which is the second pillars of Islam.


7 – The true glee and envy is the one who memorizes the Holy Quran and has the right to ((not envy only two: a man taught by God the Koran is followed by the night and the day, so he heard him neighbor said: Lt Otit like what Otty so I did what works. The hadeeth was narrated by al-Bukhaari.


8 – that memorizing the Quran and learning it is better than the goods of this world, when people rejoice in the dirham and the dinar and hold it to their journeys, then the keeper of the Quran and his reader will be better than that and keep it. He comes from him with two pieces of Kumaween in no sin and no uterus. “They said: O Messenger of Allaah, we love that. He said: “Is not one of you coming to the mosque to learn or read two verses from the Book of Allaah? He is better for him than those who do not, and three are better for him than three, and four are better for him than four. Let us remember that camels are the same money of the Arabs at that time.


9 – in memorizing the Koran in the world and the Hereafter and escape from the fire ((God raises this book and set up by others)) Muslim.

And when the believers enter Paradise, the Quran is higher than the others, and his status is higher. It is narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn’ Amr ibn al-‘As said: The news is for those who memorize it by heart, not for those who read the Mushaf because the simple reading in the line is not different in people, and there is no difference between them.


10 – Keep the Koran with the honorable ambassador ((such as who reads the Koran, which is a keeper with the honorable journey of righteousness, and like those who read it and promises it is very severe it has two)).

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