learn quran easily

Who we are

Learn Quran Easily Academy is an easy way for students of all ages who want to study offline or online to find qualified, professional and suitable teachers for their level of learning. We offer individual and group classes for many subjects ranging from Arabic to Islamic studies. Our courses are grouped into two categories; lessons for children from 7 to 15 years and courses for adults over 15 years old.

All our classes are coordinated and supervised to ensure good manners and segregation between men and women according to Islamic traditions. This means that we do not have mixed classes; We use female teachers for students and teachers for students.

If you say that you want to learn the traditional way by attending regular classes and interacting with teachers face to face, then we recommend it because there is nothing like the acquisition of Ilm, it was done by the Sahaba (RA). To help you, we would do our best to welcome you to a regular class near you. Currently, we run regular classes in some parts of Bangalore, but we should soon reach all localities. Make sure you fill out your contact number when you register so that we can contact you.

You can take advantage of our online courses because it saves you from having to go to class (worry about traffic, finding a parking space, waiting for buses) and all other problems related to departure and return. This means that you can learn and interact with the best teachers around, without leaving the comfort and safety of your own home day and night; in an increasingly busy world, it saves you time. Make sure you fill out your contact number when you register so that we can contact you.

For our Tajweed and Hifz classes, we use native Arabic speakers as well as highly qualified and qualified teachers. Many of our teachers are Hafizul Quran. We select our teachers for excellence in their subject and excellence in Islamic character. If you want to improve your Quran recitation, become a Hafiz or learn to speak Arabic. You name it, we have an online and offline course that suits you.